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Does Wealth Bring Happiness?

By: Liz Curtiz Higgs
When it comes to cash, there never seems to be enough of it. As Richard Armour said, "That money talks, I'll not deny; I heard it once, it said, 'Good-bye!'"

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?My experience is that when payday comes, the check goes in the bank, the balance look terrific, I spend twenty minutes writing check to pay bills, and the balance is right back where it was when I started. In theory, one would think that if we earned just a little more money, it would solve that problem. My own life tells me that when we make a little more, we spend a little more sometimes before we even make it.

When frugal Bill and I married, we set up housekeeping on a property so small that we didn't even need a lawn mower. Cutting grass meant wielding a Weed Eater for ten minutes and we were done. Money was tight in the early years, and on paper there was no way Bill and I could pull off starting a business and starting a family, financially.

But we did. Sometimes it meant borrowing money from a loved one for a season, or paying back our obligations on time but very slowly. Most of the time it meant doing without. Peanut butter was a daily fare (until it got to pricey), and eating out meant we split a Happy Meal at McDonald's, and our baby got the prize!

For fun, we went for long drives up and down the neighboring streets in the evening while Matthew snoozed in his car seat. As the houses got bigger and more expensive, we marveled at their size and guessed at their value. So, to keep our covetousness in check, we intentionally turned down streets where the houses and yards were smaller and the cars at the curb were older.

Finally, we pulled into our own driveway and said, "Oh, what a mansion! Thank you, God, for our beautiful house!" It was more cottage than castle, but it was ours (and the bank's), and were most grateful.

Then Jesus said to them, "Be careful and guard against all kinds of greed. Life is not measured by how much one owns." Luke 12:15


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